What are valued clients saying about us

  • “Constipation and hemorrhoids would be much less of an issue if people used this aid to a more effective toilet experience.”

    Susan H. Johnson, MD
  • “The GoStool was a phenomenal experience — I’ve never felt more comfort or ease, and it was remarkably quick as well. I want one for my family.”

    TC, age 45
  • “I was a bit unsure at first, but decided to try it anyway.  I feel like I finished faster and more completely.”

    KD, age 32
  • “It was strange at first, but I could get use to it.”

  • “These are the most beautifully designed and presentable toilet stools I have ever seen.  Our therapists and clients love them for helping to ensure easier and better releases.  Every home should have a stool for better ergonomics and the top choice is GoStool.”

    Tim - Owner of the largest colon hydrotherapy clinic in the US
  • “I like this idea.  It was much easier to go.  I was done a lot sooner.  Could use one at home.”

    JS age 40
  • “I really like the effects of being all lined up correctly.”

  • “I always felt it is better to squat, and its especially helpful if constipated in general.  It feels more natural.  Love the Go Stool!”