Image of company founder Eric McClelland smiling while using the amber GoStool

Hi, I’m Eric McClelland and I want to thank you for visiting GoStool.com, a new venture that feels like a culmination of many skills I’ve acquired over the entirety of my adult life.  In designing the GoStool, I’ve relied upon an educational background in anatomy, physiology, bio-mechanics, and nutrition, for which i earned a Bachelor of Science in 1994, from Ithaca College in beautiful, Upstate New York.  I’ve spent years learning from my body what kind of food, work, exercise and rest it likes and doesn’t like, and in those pursuits, I’ve been on the board of directors for my local food coop, kept bees, raced bicycles, tended gardens and a backyard orchard.  For the past many years, I’ve employed myself as a custom cabinetmaker in Portland, Oregon, utilizing my attention for fine details and learning lots about manufacturing and manufacturing process, specifically with wood.  Building a website and an online presence and identity satisfies my love of online culture that began in college with a Unix terminal.  I am truly inspired by online content of all kinds and humbly offer this site as a contribution.

I wish to thank a few people that have been enormously supportive of this project:  Eleanor O’Brien, Eecole Copen, MS, RD, Dahra Perkins, MD, and Albert Kaufman.

For years I’ve known that elevating my knees when I’m on the toilet helps with the going – making it gentler, more complete, and cleaner.  Yet, I’ve been going without the right stool – one that fits my body, fits the toilet, and is made in the USA of sustainable materials – so, I made it myself, for me… and you!